Banking Programs

Along with our many Bank Programs Below….All Tax Processors Plus packages include integrated Bank Products, Data Conversion, Software Networking, Audit Protection and Customized Software Training.

Lend Up: Offer Your Clients Year Round Loans
Attract new clients and increase your business by offer affordable short-term loans, year-round. Loans are not affiliated with TaxSlayer Financial Services or with the taxpayer’s tax refund.

Loyalty Program: Offer Your Clients Up Front Cash
Now you can offer your customers INSTANT cash rewards of up to $100 on a FasterMoney Visa® Prepaid card! Our loyalty cash reward program lets you decide the value of the reward– $25, $50 or even $100. Your customer can use the card wherever Visa is accepted across the US. For added convenience, the same card can also be used for their tax refund disbursement.

Fee Assist In-Season ERO Advances: Acts Just Like A FREE Line of Credit
The In-Season ERO Advance (called Fee Assist) acts just like a free line of credit at the start of tax season. The Fee Assist program allows you to receive a portion of your tax preparation fees early in the tax season (once the IRS has acknowledged the return), helping you manage cash flow during the initial filing of taxpayer returns.

Prepaid Card Program: Personalized Debit Cards!
Our card program is available as both an instant issue card with card stock available in your office or as a personalized card mailed directly to your clients. Participants in our program are able to either both types of cards. When a taxpayer requests a card, you simply provide the card related information when completing the taxpayers application for a Refund Transfer.