This package was designed for those who desired to star small. With a tax preparation home business, you will have very little overhead; therefore, you have the ability to charge less than your competition. An experienced independent tax professional can earn up to $100 per hour; thats $5,000 per week for a 50 hour week, or $60,000 for the 3 month tax season! You won’t likely earn that much during your first tax season because you will still be learning and recruiting new clients. But by marketing effectively and providing excellent client service you can grow through high client retentioin and referrals and quickly attain that level of income for just 3-mnths work, and contunie to grow your tax business!

Plus Package is our most popular package. Rated #1 amongst our Affiliates. This Package was designed for the self motivated business person who wants to take advantage of the (Peak Season) of the industry and only plans to operate during the traditional Tax Season. With this package you will receive the exact same training, software, marketing materials, 24 hour support, and services that our Ultra-Plus Package has without the extras reserved for the year-around tax office. Additional States are available at a per state rate. Also, additional offices are available at a tremendous discounted price per office.

This package is for the self motivated business minded person who wants to own and operate a year-round never closed prosperous tax office. You will have everything that the Plus package has, and additional features which will give you the opportunity and ability to do business outside of the standard tax season. The (4) year Tax Software enables you to complete not only current returns, but also prepare returns for the past 3 years from any state. Keeping you busy all year around.

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