The first and most important advantage of affiliating with us is eliminating the learning curve. We will show you what to do step-by-step to minimize down time. It is neither time efficient nor cost-effective to bump around in the dark trying to learn on your own what we already know.
We’ve got your back!

To put together a tax office, you will need, at a minimum, a location, latest software, banking relationships, support, training, and a marketing plan. That’s why we are here. With our expert guidance, you are poised to avoid costly errors, and position yourself to profit handsomely.

Affiliates that partner with Tax Processors Plus will receive comprehensive tax preparer training, year round technical and back office support as well as personalized one on one software user training and compliance training. US based phone support provides answers to the most difficult tax preparation questions. Our commitment to your success and your continued growth is at the heart of our mission. Whether this is your first time starting an income tax business or you already have several tax seasons under your belt, you will find that our resources and staff are dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs of your growing business.

Like any business, the retail tax preparation office lives and dies by its location. Site Selection will be first and, arguably, most important business decision of the entire tax season. The wrong location will be fatal to your business. Accordingly, we want help make you make the most informed decision possible based upon all available data. Your Marketing Manager will do a Market Analysis to determine the best place to locate your tax office. As a Processors Plus Affiliate, you have the freedom to locate your business whenever you want, however, you will do well to listen to our counsel and take advantage of our industry-specific data.

Each of your preparers must have a PTIN number (Preparer Tax Identification Number) that will require an IRS registration process, a fee of $63, and also an examination to be taken in one of IRS approved providers with a cost of $116. Each year there is a renewal for the PTIN where you will pay $63 and complete 15 hours of continuing classes with an IRS Training Provider. Tax Processor Plus will train you for the exam and will also provide the necessary classes to simplify your IRS training requirements.

We believe through experience that you do not need a national marketing campaign to reach your target market of tax customers, and in turn should not have to pay the high prices relating to typical tax franchises. Processor Plus offers partnerships to tax business entrepreneurs that want to hit the ground running their first year. Our predefined marketing programs provide maximum results with minimum cost for implementation.

Processor Plus tax software is a Fully Integrated Tax Preparation, E-File and Bank Software suite that has been a tax software industry leader for over 30 years. Our main selling feature is “Ease of Use” because it was programmed with a Tax Professional like you in mind. No more searching for forms within the software, all you do is input data and link to the forms you need quickly and easily. These features will save you time and money by increasing your office’s productivity and revenues during the tax season.

Every Processor Plus Affiliate is assigned a Personal Coach This person is a Processor Plus executive who completely understands the retail tax preparation business and has considerable experience in coordinating the set-up of tax offices that has become successful.
Your Personal Coach will be your point-of-contact for all your marketing needs. His job is to bring you into the Processors Plus family by introducing you to all the marketing products and services we have available. Specifically, he will help you create a Strategic Marketing Plan and Budget.